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The first university in VR
A place not for knowledge, but for wisdom. In a time where knowledge is taken over by machines, what is left for humans to acknowledge? How can we make sense of the millennia acquired wisdom, and apply it in current times, with newly discovered tools and cutting edge science?

Transition to a more effective method of education. Achieve lasting engagement from your students.
With Omniversity, you achieve immediate engagement of the learner. The students get to "feel" the concepts they are learning, so it's easier for them to remember and express what they learned. VR technology takes learning beyond basic memorization and observation. The students can access authentic instructional practices and interact with the material at their own pace.

Are you an educator?

Learn about a subject by living it.
Engage your mind in a remarkable way.
Omniversity offers learning experiences at scale, enabling every student to have access to science labs, or to travelling, and experience things that otherwise they wouldn't have access to.
With Omniversity, learners are inspired to discover for themselves- they have the opportunity to learn by doing rather than passively reading. For example, in the astronomy class, the users will be able to order the stars into constellations and will receive points for any form of success.

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Elevate your employees training with VR
Innovative companies are leveraging spatial computing to significantly reduce training time, improve accuracy, and supercharge their workflow.
In its early application, VR's impact on training will focus on safety and manual practice, where many jobs require skilled and practiced movement. This is especially the case where safety is of huge concern. For leadership development, VR could be utilized to create an office working environment where leaders have to practice the company's leadership model.

Why you'll love us
Discover the benefits of Omniversity.
Education has never looked better before.
Once accepted within the Omniversity multiverse, students can choose and customize the level of intensiveness of their preferred classes.
Order the stars into constellations and learn about astronomy; experience trips from The Great Wall of China to Mars or recreate the Parthenon in our VR game.
Using avatars, students from diverse regions can come together to discuss, synthesize and learn from one another.
Omniversity allows students to explore at their own pace and provides complete control over the level of difficulty.
We have created both a compelling storytelling approach and a visual grammar that is both playful and artistic and might attract exponentially more children.
Our modern classroom has a place for everyone - children and adults from a multitude of cultural and social backgrounds.

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After attending numerous accelerators, residencies and launching successful pioneering projects, we are confident that this entrepreneurial step will grow organically into a meaningful initiative of our times.
Ioana Mischie
transmedia artist, futurist, storyteller
Ioana Mischie is a transmedia artist and futurist, awarded for filmmaking and cinematic VR. Her cinematic projects were selected at more than 100 festivals worldwide and awarded by prestigious platforms. Ioana is also teaching digital media arts, VR and digital storytelling classes.
Emil Drăgan
creative technologist
Emil Dragan has a MA in Interactive Technology for Performing Media and Arts at UNATC Bucharest. His main interest is the study of interactivity as a means of communication, with a special focus on VR and AR applications.
Andra Bria
product designer, storyteller, educator
Andra Bria is a product designer, entrepreneur and educator. She has founded the first product innovation school in Romania, where she acts as a tutor and product maker. She is the author of an awarded feminist book for children, enhanced with Augmented Reality effects.
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